‘Atma’ title movies| Film Names on ‘Atma’


‘Atma’ title movies

Here are a few Atma’ title movies which have the term ‘Atma'( that means soul ) a part of it. ‘Atma’  titles are meant to suggest very soulful attachment with somebody. Some of them recorded hits at box office. So ,The cine fraternity made it a sentiment. A list of such ‘Atma’ title movies are given below for you to look at.

Film Names beginning with ‘Atma’

Atma balam-Movie Name

1964 -Year of release
A.N.R,B.saroja Devi,Jaggayya -Starring in lead roles
V.B.Rajendra Prasad  -Producer
V.Madhusudanarao -Director

'Atma' title movies

Atma balam

Athmeeyulu -Movie Name
1969 -Year of release
A.N.R,Vanisree,Chandramohan,Gummadi -Starring in lead roles
D.Madhusudhanarao -Producer
V.Madhusudhanarao -DirectorS.Rajeswararao -Music

'Atma' title movies


Athmeeyudu- Movie Name

1977 -Year of release
A.N.R,Jayachitra -Starring in lead roles
Tatineni Ramarao –Director

‘Atma’ title movies

Athma Gowravam -Movie Name
1965 -Year of release
A.N.R,Kanchana,Rajasree -Starring in lead roles
D.Madhusudhanarao -Producer
K.V.Mahadevan -Music

'Atma' title movies

Athma Gowravam

Athma Bandhuvu -Movie Name
1961 -Year of release
N.T.R,Savithri,S.V Rangarao -Starring in lead roles
Y.R.Krishna Prasad -Producer
P.S.Ramakrishna Rao -Director
K.V.Mahadevan -Music

'Atma' title movies

Athma Bandhuvu

Athmabandham -Movie Name
1991 -Year of release
Suman,Lizy,Brahmanadam -Starring in lead roles
SivaRama Krishna -Producer
Sunil Varma -DirectorM
M.Keeravani -Music

'Atma' title movies


Athma Bandhuvu (dubbing) -Movie Name
1985 -Year of release
Shivaji Ganeshan, Radha -Starring in lead roles
M.P.Prakash -Producer
Bharathi raja -Director
Illayaraja-Music'Atma' title movies                                                          Athma Bandhuvu (dubbing)

Athma Balam -Movie Name
1985 -Year of release
Nandamuri Balakrishna,BhanuPriya -Starring in lead roles
J.M Naidu,K.muthyalarao -Produce
Tatineni Prasad -Director

'Atma' title movies

Athma Balam

Mahathma -Movie Name
2009 -Year of release
Srikanth,Bhavan,RamJagan -Starring in lead roles
C.R.Manohar -Producer
Krishnavamsi -DirectorVijay
Anthony -Music

'Atma' title movies



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