Popular Indian Singer Vani Jayaram Telugu Songs


Popular Singer Vani Jayaram Telugu Songs

One of the popular indian singers,Vani Jayaram comes from Vellore of Tamil Nadu.  She was born on 30 Nov 1945. Being a member of the family of musicians,she gave her first singing performance to all India Radio,Madras. At that time, she was eight years old.Later, She trained in both Carnatic and Hindusthani classical music. Vani Jayaram Telugu Songs have been heard from 1971 on wards.

 In the year 1971, Vani Jayaram recorded  her debut song for the Hindi movie Guddi’. She sang three songs in the movie. And vani Jayaram songs became hit and she won many awards. Later,she won the hearts of the music lovers by singing songs of different genres. She lent her voice to several female artists for over 10,000 songs.

 The following are some of Vani Jayaram’s all time worth listening songs  for  you to listen and enjoy.


Vani Jayaram Songs


Vani Jayaram Telugu Songs List

Song Name:Ye Teeruga Nanu

Movie Name:Sankarabharanam

Song Name;Aalokaya Sree Bala Krishnam

Movie Name:Sruthilayalu

Song Name;Anathineya raa Movie Name:Swathi Kiranam

Song Name;Kurisenu Virujallule

Movie Name:Gharashana

Song Name: Ennenno Janamala Bandham                  Movie Name:Pooja

Song Name:Alalu Kalalu

Movie Name:Seethakoka Chilaka

Song Name:Vidicheyu Vintalanni

Movie Name:Maro Charithra

Song Name:Theli Manchu Karigindi

Movie Name:SwathiKiranam

Song Name:Nenaa Paadanaa Paata

Movie Name:Guppedu Manasu

Song Name:Nuvve Nuvvamma Navvula

Movie Name:Andamaina Anubhavam

Song Name:Nuvvu Adigindi Enada

Movie Name:Vayasu Pilichindi

Song Name:Eeroju Manchi Roju

Movie Name:Prema Lekhalu

Song Name:Andela Ravali

Movie Name:Swarna Kamalam

Song Name:Ningee Nela Okatayane

Movie Name:Pooja

Song Name: Sruthi Neevu

Movie Name:Swathikiranam

Song Name:Oka Brindavanam

Movie Name:Gharashana

Song Name:Minneti Sooreedu

Movie Name:Seethakoka Chilaka

Song Name:Poojalu Cheya Poolu

Movie Name:Pooja

Song Name:Jilibili Siggalu

Movie Name: America Ammayi

Song Name:Siri Siri Chinnoda

Movie Name:Chanakya Chadragupta

Song Name:Ye Paata Ne Paadanu

Movie Name:Seetha Mahalakshmi



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