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Telugu Remix Songs

The songs given below are popular numbers.  Later,they were remixed. after a few years, the old tunes and their lyrics were so melodious and catchy.  The songs inspired the composers to remix for the popular actors on their demand. Besides that, the very songs which the music and movie buffs  hum now and often. sentimentally, they became as popular as the old ones.So, the actors and composers wanted to have them once again in their movies. Telugu Remix Songs here.

The old song ‘Aresukoboyi Paresukunnanu’ occupied audience in singing the lines all the time which were very catchy. It was such a big hit.that is why the repeated audience   come to the particular movie. When the song was about to come on the screen there used to be claps and whistles all over. Some enthusiastic and excited audiences used to throw flowers and even ‘Jilebis’ on the screen.

Remix songs in Tollywood

Some audiences used to dance in the theaters without any hesitation.This sort of hubbub prevailed many days long from the release of the movie.The songs ‘Aresukoboyi Paresukunnanu’ ‘Olammi Tikkareginda’ ‘Akuchatu PindeTadise Kokamatu Pilla Tadise’ used to reverberate at wedding pandals and on festive occasions all over villages and towns. And so, it is not an exaggeration to say that it became a rhythm song to the people. In those days,The movies of the songs also recorded super hits at box office The another blockbuster  was ‘Gharana Mogudu’. The song ‘Bangaru Kodipetta’ is also an all time hit song.

The movie starred Chiranjeevi in lead role and his tremendous dance performance held the audiences spellbound.The movie  released in 1992. It is still fresh ion cine lovers’ minds.The song came as a Remix in Ramcharan’s movie ‘Maga Dheera’.  RamCharan also ’danced well in that movie. The songs ‘Adavarimatalaku arthalu Verule’ and ‘Ereyiteeyanidi Echirugali Manasainadi’  also  became super hits in those days.

As Pawan kalyan liked the songs very much he wanted to remix them for his movies Johny and khushi. Though the movie Johny did not do well at box office, the song could reach the audiences. In the movie Khushi , the dance moments of Pavan Kalyan for the song ‘Adavalla MatalakuArthalu Verule’ are simple and impressive. The choreography and song ‘s location were excellent. It beat the beauty of the original song. We wish you would listen to both versions and enjoy.

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Telugu Remix Songs List

Song Name Old movie/music director/Picturised on New Movie /music director/ Picturised on
Adavari Matalaku Arthalu Verule… Missamma/S.Rajeswararao/ NTR Khushi/Manisharma/Pavankalyan
Bangaru KodiPetta Vachenandi…. Gharana Mogudu/M.M.Keeravani/Chiranjeevi Magadhhera/M.M.Keeravani/RamCharan
Aresukopoyi Paresukonnanu Hari… AdaviRamudu/Chakravarty/N.T.R,Jayaprada Adviramudu/ManiSharma/Prabhas,Arthi Agarwal
Akuchatu Pinde Tadise/Rendu Vela Rendu varaku Vetagadu/Chakravarty/N.T.R,Sridevi AllariRamudu/R.P.Patnaik/Jr. N.T.R,Arti Agarwal
Vana Vana Velluvaye Konda Kona……… Gang Leader/BappiLahiri/Chiranjeevi,Vijayasanthi Rachha/Manisarma/RamCharan,Tamanna
Andam Hindolam Adharam Tambulam… Yamudiki Mogudu/Raj-Koti/Chiranjeevi,Radha Supreme/SaiKartheek/Sai Dharam Tej,RaasiKhanna
Olammi Tikkareginda……. Yama Gola/Chakravarty/NTR,Jayaprada Yamadonga/M.M.Keeravani/Jr.NTR, Priyamani
Vennelaina cheekataina…….. Pachani Kapuram/Chakravarty/Krishna,Sridevi Prema katha Chitram/ J.B/SudheerBabu,Nanditha
Ee Reyi Teeyanidi…….. Chittichellelu/S.Rajeswararao/Harnath,Vanisree Johnny/RamanaGogula/Pavan kalyan,Renu Desai
Oka Laila Kosam……. Ramudu Kadu Krishnudu/Chakravarty/A.N.R,Jayasudha Oka Lailakosam / Anup rubens/Naga Chaitanya ,Puja Hegde

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