Musical Instrument Lyric Songs in Telugu


 Musical Instrument lyric songs

Musical Instrument Lyric songs

        There are many Musical Instrument Lyric songs for Telugu movies. Mostly, the songs consist of the term of a musical instrument like The Veena,The Flute and the Sannayi. With an imaginative thought , our poets would pen down the lyrics by expressing the subtle relation between human emotions and great ragas produced by the musical instruments.

      The following melodious songs have been collected from different movies. They have become very popular and they stand as all time choices for the music cine lovers to listen.

Song Name :Venuvai Vachanu                                              Movie Name : Matru Devo Bhava

 Name of the Song :Venu Madhava                                           Movie Name: Nenunnanu

Song Name:Mrogidi Kalyana Veena                                  Movie Name:Kurukshetram

Lyric beginning: Veena Venuvaina                                      Movie Name:Intinti Ramayanam

Name:Pantulamma Name of the Song: Madilo Veenalu Mroge                             Movie Name:Aathmeeyulu

Lyric beginning: Oka Venuvu                                Movie Name:America Ammay

Song Name:    Gagana Veena Sarigamalu Paadaga                      Movie Name:Malle Puvvu

 Name of the Song: Kila KiIa Navvulu                       Movie Name:Chaduvukunna Ammayilu

Lyric beginning:  Ee Veena Paina Palikina Ragam               Movie Name: Abhimanavanthulu

Song Name: Veena Lona Teega Lona                                   Movie Name:Chakravakam

 Name of the Song: Veena Lona Teega Lona (sad)                  Movie Name:Chakravakam

Lyric beginning: Evaro Ravaali Nee Hrudayam Kadilichali               Movie Name:Prema Nagar

Song Name:  E Veena Moguna                                          Movie Name: Murali Krishna

 Name of the Song: Ve Vela Gopemmala                                  Movie Name: Sagarasangam

Lyric beginning Neevu Leka Veena                                    Movie Name:Dr.Chakravarthi


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