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Telugu Inspirational Songs

The top inspirational songs are given below for you to enjoy and feel motivated every moment in your life. lyric writers of these songs felt themselves inspired by few persons and situations who and which came across in their lives. The inspiration which they got made them pen these lyrics which in turn get us inspired. Such great lyricists are Veturi Sundaramurthy, Siri Vennela, Atreya, Sri Sri, ChandraBose and so on. Of all these lyrics writers Sri Rangam Srinivas Rao was popularly known as Sri Sri was a Telugu poet and lyricist. He was one of the best song writers in India. Sri Sri had penned lyrics for over thousand sound tracks in Telugu. He wrote songs on Traditional mythological themes to reflect more contemporary issues. He won National Film Award for best lyrics in 1974 and Nandi Award for Best Lyricist.

Telugu Motivational Songs In Movies

Veturi created a new trend in cine lyrics, who had written around 5,000 out of which mass and class has created sensation. People were wondering how he was able to balance between mass and classic numbers. Even though he is no more now, he is believed to live on in the hearts of cine and music lovers. Sirivennela is also a great lyricist who has written us classic, romantic inspirational songs. He never compromises on writing the lyrics in relation to situation of the scene in spite of taking long time to finish it off.

Atreya was known as ‘Manasu Kavi’, who had written heart touching songs. It was said that Atreya used to take long time for writing the song in spite of that he gave wonderful pathetic numbers. Chandrabose is from a remote village of Warangal District was introduced by his friend to the film industry. His first movie song was ‘Manchu Konddalloni Chandramaa’. He has won Filmfare Award for best lyricist for Telugu Movie ‘Manam’ and received Nandi Award for Best Lyricist for ‘Nee Navvula Telada na ni’ in the movie Aadi.

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InspirationalTollywood Songs

Song’s name:Manishai puttinavadu karadu mattibomma
lyric writer:Veturi sundara ramamurthy
Movie name:Adaviramudu

Song’s name:Kadaliradetanevasantam
lyric writer:Sirivennela
Movie name:Rudraveena

Song’s name:Nammaku nammaku Ereyini
lyric writer:Sirivennela
Movie name:Rudraveena

Song’s name: Epudo Apudu Evaro Okaru
lyric writer:Sirivennela
Movie name:Ankuram

Song’s name:Niggadeesi Adugu Esigguleni jananni
lyric writer:Sirivennela
Movie name:Gayam

Song’s name:Kalakanidi viluvainadi

lyric writer:Sri Sri
Movie name:Veluguneedalu
Music:Pendyala Nageshvarao

Song’s name:Undile manchikalam Mundumunduna
lyric writer:Sri Sri
Movie name:Ramudu-Bheemudu
Music:Pendyala Nageswararao

Song’s name:Telugu veera levara
lyric writer:Sri Sri
Movie name:Alluri seetaramaraju
Music:Adinarayana Rao

Song’s name:Mounangane Edagamani Mokka neeku chebutundi
lyric writer:ChandraBose
Movie name: Naa autograph sweet memories
Music:M.M Keeravani

Song’s name:Mariantaga mahachintaga
lyric writer:Sirivennela
Movie name:Seetammavakitlo Sirimallechettu
Music:Mickey J meyer

Song’s name:Enduko Asalenduko
lyric writer:ChandraBose
Movie name:Gopala..Gopala
Music:Anup Rubens
Singer:Kailash kher

Song’s name:Ekku Toli mettu
lyric writer:A.M Ratnam
Movie name:Narasimha
Singer:S.P.B &chorus

Song’s name:Santosham Sagambalam
lyric writer::Sirivennela
Movie name:Chirunavvutho

Song’s name:Merupai sagara
lyric writer:Chinnicharan
Movie name:Style

Song’s name: Andamaina Teegaku
lyric writer: Atreya
Movie name: Bharya Beedalu
Music: KV Mahadevan
Singer: Ghantasala

Film Inspirational Songs In Telugu

Song’s name: Amrutham Tagina vallu
lyric writer: Atreya
Movie name: Prathibavanthudu
Music: Sathyam
Singer: KJ Yesudas

Song’s name: Bangaru Nava Bhatuku
lyric writer: Atreya
Movie name: Vagdhanam
Music: Pithapuram Nageshwara Rao
Singer: P Susheela

Song’s name: Padutha Teeyaga Challaga
lyric writer: Atreya
Movie name: Moogamansulu
Music: K. V. Mahadevan.
Singer: Ghantasala

Song’s name: Eda ga daniki enduku tondara

lyric writer: MVL
Movie name: Andalaramudu
Music: KV Mahadevan
Singer: Ramakrishna

Song’s name: EE nallani raalalo

lyric writer: C Narayana Reddy
Movie name: Amarasilpi Jakkanna
Music: Saluri Rajeshwara Rao
Singer: Ghantasala

Motivational Songs in Telugu Movies

Song’s name: Sahasam Naa Padam
lyric writer:Sirivennela
Movie name: Maharshi
Music: Ilayaraja
Singer: SPB

Song’s name: Ramund nayna Krishnud nayna
lyric writer: Sirivenala
Movie name: Okkadu
Music: Manisharma
Singer: Shankar Mahadevan

Song’s name: Marali Marali Manshulu Nadvadi
lyric writer:sri sri
Movie name: Balipeetham
Music: K.v.Mahadevan
Singer: T.M.sundarrajan

Song’s name: Okate Jananam
lyric writer:Suddala ashokteja
Movie name: Bhadra Chalam
Music: Vandematram Srinivas
Singer: Vandematram Srinivas, Shailaja

Song’s name: Telarindi Legando
lyric writer: Sirivennela
Movie name: Kallu
Music: SPB
Singer: Sirivennela

Song’s name: Nee Prashnalu
lyric writer: Sirivenala
Movie name: Kotha Bangaru Lokam
Music: Mickey J Meyer
Singer: SPB

Song’s name: Enta Varuku
lyric writer: Sirivennela
Movie name: Gamyam
Music: E. S. Murthy, R. Anil
Singer: Ranjith

Song’s name: Sahasame Cheyara Dhimaka
lyric writer: Sirivennela
Movie name: Chandralekha
Music: MM Keeravani
Singer: SPB

Song’s name: Chal Chalo Chalo

lyric writer:Rama jogayya shastry
Movie name: Son of Satyamurthy
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Singer: Raghu Dixit

Song’s name: Jayammu nischayammura
lyric writer:Sri Sri
Movie name:Shabhash ramudu
Music: Ghantasshala

Song’s name: Manasuna manasai
lyric writer:Srisri
Movie name: Dr.chakravarty
Music: S.rajeswararao

Song’s name: Evaro vastarani Edo chestarani
lyric writer:SriSri
Movie name: Bhoomikosam
Music:Pendyala nageshvarao

Song’s name: Oo Mahatma
lyric writer:SriSri
Movie name:Akali rajyam
Music: M.SViswanatham
Singer: SPB

Song’s name: Aadutu Paaduthu Panichestunte
lyric writer: Kosaraju
Movie name: Thodi Kodallu
Music:  Master Venu
Singer: Ghantasala, P Susheela

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