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Feel Good Telugu Songs

A few feel good and hot love songs are given under for you to enjoy.Though there are many songs of such genre a few worth listening and enjoying are collected.These songs give a pleasant and fresh feeling any time and any where to all group of people.These are ever green songs.For such songs The combination of Composer and lyricist add extra life . If a singer like Balu sings such song it would definitely complement its romantic feeling. The one such a song is ‘ Aliveni Ani Mutyama’. Feel Good Songs here.

As we hear the song we feel like romance is shedding down from his voice,Needless to say about Illayaraja he composes songs of such genre heartfelt which make us really feel good.There are many such songs among which very much worth considering are the ones in the movies ‘Seetha Koka Chilaka ” ,’Geetanjali’ ‘Sagarasangamam’, ’Swathi Muthyam’ and so on. In the movie ‘Rowdy Alludu’ The song ‘Kori kori Kaluthondi eedu Enduko’ was sung by Illaya Raja which is very romantic and make everyone feel good. In the movie “Gharshana’ The song “ Andagada Andagada’ is equally melodious and it emits love and romantic vibes all around. So when we are in a bad and sad mood, these songs would promise us really a good feeling which get us out of a gloomy mood.

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Feel Good Songs

Song Name Movie name
Enno ratrulu ….. Dharma Kshetram
Kori Kori Kalu thondi Eedu Enduko.. Rowdy Alludu
Anda Gada anda gada andalanni andukora… Gharshana
Kappuko Duppati…. Gharana Mogudu
Umma kavali…. President Gari Pellam
Neeli Mabbu Nuragalo…. Allari Mogudu
Thella vara neeku Ee Reyini….. Athma Balam
Sivaranjani Erra Gulabeelu
Mabbe Masakesindile… Vayasu pilichindi
Manasu Palike Mouna Geetam….. Swathi Mutym
Ennietlo chapesi ….. Bangaru bullodu
Ragulu tondi Mogali poda….. Khaidi
Idi teeyani Vennela Reyi….. Premalekhalu
Navami nati vennela reyi…. Sivaranjani
Nuvvunte Chalu…  Prema Pallaki(Suresh,Roja)
Aliveni Ani Mutyama Mudda Mandaram

 Hot Love Telugu Songs

Listen& ‘N’joy

Enno ratrulu …..Dharma Kshetram

Kori Kori Kalu thondi Eedu Enduko..                              Rowdy Alludu

Anda Gada anda gada andalanni andukora…                                 Gharshana

Thella vara neeku Ee Reyini…..                                                 Athma Balam

Navami nati vennela reyi….                                                   Sivaranjani

Mabbe Masakesindile…                               Vayasu pilichindi

Neeli Mabbu..                                                    Allari Mogudu

Manasu Palike Mouna Geetham…                                           Swati Mutyam

Idi Teeyani Vennala …                             Prema Lekhalu

Nuvvu Unte Chalu…                                            Prema Pallaki

Aliveni Animutyama…                                            Mudda Mandaram


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