Actress Jayalalitha Hit movies Songs


   Indian actress Jayalalitha hit movie Songs:

Indian actress Jayalalitha is very popular cine artist. Apart from being a good actress, she is a good dancer too. As an actress, she shared screen space with MGR and NTR for many movies. In their combination, many movies released in both Telugu and Tamil. Actress Jayalalitha Hit movies Songs

In the theatres, the audience also used to enjoy her dance movements and sex appeal. Besides, Jaya Lalitha acted with all popular actors. As we all know, she became  close to the hearts of Tamilians and later chief minister of Tamil Nadu.

Actress Jayalalitha Hit movies Songs

Song Name:  Naalo Neevai …

 Movie Name:Alibaba 40 Dangalu

Song Name:Aakulu Pokalu

 Movie Name:Bharya Biddalu

Song Name: Dora Nimma Pandu

Movie Name:Chikkadu Dorakadu

Song Name: Kotaloni Monagada

Movie Name:Gopaludu Bhoopaludu

Song Name: PiIichina Palukavu

Movie Name:Pidugu Ramudu

Song Name: Manasulu Murise Samaymidhi

 Movie Name:Premalu Pellillu

Song Name:Andariki Teliyanidi

 Movie Name:Aasthiparulu

Song Name: Hello Saru

Movie Name:Adarsha Kutumbam

Song Name:Manasu Teera

Movie Name:Gudachari 116

Song Name:Andamaina theegaku

Movie Name:Bharya Biddalu

Song Name: Vinnaraa….

Movie Name:Devudu Chesina Manushulu

Song Name:Andala Ee Reyi

 Movie Name:Aame Evaru

Song Name: Muchatagolipe

 Movie Name:Tikka Sankarayya

Song Name: Andhaalu  Chindhe

Movie Name:Sukha Dukhalu

Song Name:Ee Yennala

Movie Name:Brahmachari

Song Name: O Muddhulolike Muddabanthi

Movie Name: Kadaladu Vadaladu

Song Name:Pillana Grovi Pilupu

 Movie Name:Sri Krishna Vijayam

Song Name:Ninnu Choodagane

Movie Name:Nayakudu Vinayakudu

Song Name:Virise Kanulalo

Movie Name:Doctor Babu

Song Name:Virse Kanulalo  (sad)

 Movie Name:Doctor Babu

Song Name:Allaneredy

Movie Name:Doctor Babu

Song Name:Ghal  Ghal

Movie Name:Bagdad Gajadonga

Song Name:O Brahmachari

Movie Name:Brahmachari

Song Name:Nuvvu Naa Mundunte

Movie Name:Gudachari 116

Song Name: Gaajulaithe Thodigaadu

  Movie Name:Doctor Babu

Song Name:O Naa Raja Raava

 Movie Name:Aame Evaru


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