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Admittedly, Vanisri, is a well-known Indian film actress  for her works predominately in Telugu and Tamil, few Kannada films. In her film career, actress Vanisree has received three Filmfare Awards South, including the Nandi Awards, and the Tamil Nadu State Film Award in the span of forty years. Vanisree Profile- Images

She was born on 3rd Aug in Nelluru District of A.P. And, her birth name was Rathnakumari. Initially, she played junior artist roles. Gradually, she rose to stardom after undergoing some struggles in the industry.

Debut Film

Coming to her debut movie, it was ‘Rangula Ratnam’. Later, she acted in many super hit movies like ‘Krishnaveni, Aradhana Srikrishna Tulabharam, Gorantha Deepam, Bhaktha Kannappa,Jeevitha Chakram and so on.

Duel Roles

Vanisree acted in ‘Jeevana Jyothi, Ganga Manga, Chilipi Krishnudu and Vani Rani , Iddaru Ammayilu  etc

That was the time when color movies were releasing. In the color movies, Vanisree had different hair styles and costumes.Really, it was experiment. In fact, she used to work 16 hours a day on 2 shifts for the movies.Truly, it was a record that she was working 14 films per year.


The movies ‘Jeevana Jyothi’ and ‘Krishna Veni’ brought her name and fame to the ultimate. She performed in the movies so tremendously that Flim Fare magazine featured her image on the cover page.

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