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Repeated Title Telugu Movies

Ever Since the production of Telugu movies , there have been several repeated Title Telugu Movies. According to film chamber rules the movie title can be reused for another movie after 10 years of the former’s release. This generally happens when the former recorded a hit, the film makers tend to use the same for their movies. Once the second movie also tastes success, it becomes a habitual phenomenon. Repeated Title Telugu Movies give here.

If some movies are block busters at box office, they would get brand sort of impression and such movie is ‘Devadas’ which starred ANR,and Savithri. This movie brought him over night stardom.The actor got very much impressed by the movie which inspired him to produce the movie of same story with same title. In spite of its failure at box office, Krishna was praised by cine fraternity and was also liked by the audiences for his performance.

Repeated Title Telugu Movies

The lyric in the movie ‘Maya Bazar’ was an inspiration to the director Jandhyala to name to his movie as ‘Aha Na Pellanta’ which starred Rajendra Prasad, Kota Srinivasarao and Brahmanandam and it recorded a block buster at box office.There after it inspired an another film maker to use the same title for Allari Naresh. It also ran successfully. All in all the repeated titles are believed to turn out to be successful. The Movies such as ‘Aradhana’, ‘Andala Ramudu’,’Pilla Zamindar’ ‘Missamma’ and ‘Ramu’ stand as hit flicks at box office among the repeated title movies. .

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Repeated Title Telugu Movies List


Repeated Title Telugu Movies


Repeated Title Telugu Movies


Repeated Title Telugu Movies

Devuduchesina manushulu

Repeated Title Telugu Movies


Repeated Title Telugu Movies


Repeated Title Telugu Movies

MagaduRepeated Title Telugu Movies

Ramudu Bheemudu Repeated Title Telugu Movies

Mayabazar Repeated Title Telugu Movies

Andala Ramudu

Repeated Title Telugu Movies

AdaviramuduRepeated Title Telugu Movies

Pilla zamindarRepeated Title Telugu Movies

LavakushaRepeated Title Telugu Movies

BandipotuRepeated Title Telugu Movies

Ahana PellantaRepeated Title Telugu Movies

RakshasuduRepeated Title Telugu Movies

Repeated Title Telugu Movies

Movie Name   Old   New    
Missamma Year Lead roles Director Year Lead Roles Director
Ramu 1968 NTR,Jamuna A.C.Trilokchander 1987 Balakrishna,Rajani Y.Nageswararao
Devadas 1953 ANR,Savithri Vedantham Raghavayya 1974 KriShna,VijayaNirmala VijayaNirmala
Devuduchesinamanushulu 1973 NTR,Krishna,Vijayanirmala,,Jayalalitha V.Ramachandrarao 2012 Raviteja,Ileana Puri Jagannadh
Samsaram 1950 NTR,ANR,Lakshmirajyam L.VPrasad 1978  NTR, Jamuna T.Prakash Rao
Vetagadu 1979 NTR,Sridevi K.Raghavendrarao 1995 Rajasekhar,Rambha Bharadhvaja
Magadu 1976 NTR,Manjula S.D.Lal 1990 Rajasekhar,Lizzy Madhu
Ramudu Bheemudu 1964 NTR,Jamuna Tapi Chanukya 1988 BalaKrishna,radha Muralimohanarao
Mayabazar 1957 NTR,ANR,Savithri,S.V.Rangarao K.V.Reddy 2006 Raja,Bhoomika,Balu Mohanakrishna
AndalaRamudu 1973 ANR,Latha,Nagabhushanam Bapu 2006 Suneel,Arthi Agarwal P.L.Narayana
Adaviramudu 1977 NTR,Jayaprada,Jayasudha K.RaghavendraRao 2004 Prabhas,Arthi Agarwal B.Gopal
Pillazamindar 1980 ANR,Jayasudha Singeetham srinivasarao 2011 Nani,HariPriya,Bindu Madhavi G.Ashok
Lavakusha 1934 Parupalli subbarao,Sriranjani P.pullayya 1963 NTR,AnjaliDevi C.S.Rao,P.Pullayya

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