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Telugu Devotional Songs

We have many Telugu devotional songs. The old popular singers such as Ghantasala,BalaMurali Krishna , Yesudas,Janaki,Susheela,S.P.Balu  sang those songs very melodiously. And They give us peace of mind and happiness. We  get the spiritual and pleasant feeling by listening to them.  The music lovers and devotees really enjoy these songs.

We hear these songs on the occasion of festival celebrations. The songs are very catchy for everyone to hum. Especially, Yesudas became popular for Ayyappa devotional songs. There are many private albums of Ayyappa songs sung by Yesudas. Classical singer Bala Murali Krishna conducted the highest classical musical concerts.

Film Devotional Songs Telugu

Song Name: Tera Teeyara                            Music Director: TTD Devastanam
Singer: Ghantasala


Movie Name: Venkateswara Vaibhavam                                             Song Name: Seshasaila Vasa
Music Director: Pithapuram Nageswara Rao                                     Singer: Ghantasala
Movie Name: Venkateswara Mahatyam
Song Name: Nammina Na Madi                                    Music Director: Mani Sharma
Singer: Shreya Ghosal                                                   Movie Name: Raghavendra


Song Name: Rayi Naina Kakapothini                       Music Director: K V Mahadevan
Singer: Susheela                                                       Movie Name: Gorantha Deepam
Song Name: Nee Daya Rada                                           Music Director: Rajan Nagendra
Singer: Susheela                                                             Movie Name: Pooja
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Song Name:  Sri Rama Jaya Rama                        Music Director: K.V Mahadevan
Singer: Bala Murali Krishna                                   Movie Name: Muthyala Muggu

Song Name: Rama Neela Meghasyama                  Music Director: KV Mahadevan
Singer: Bala Murali Krishna                                   Movie Name: Sri Rammajaneya Yuddam

Song Name: Allah! Sri Rama dinakarudu shubhakarudu         Music Director: MM Keeravani
Singer: Shankar Mahadevan, Vijay Yesudas                             Movie Name: Sri Ramadas

Song Name: Kalaganti Kalaganti                                    Music Director: MM Keeravani
Singer: SP Balasubhramanyam                                      Movie Name: Annamayya
Song Name: Antaryami Alasiti                                Music Director: MM Keeravani
Singer: SPB                                                                Movie Name: Annamayya

Song Name: Baba Sai Baba Neevu Maa Vale Manshivani         Music Director: Illayaraja
Singer: SPB                                                    Movie Name: Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Mahathyam
Song Name: Sharanu Sharanu                                    Music Director: MM Keeravani
Singer: Vijay Yesudas                                                   Movie Name: Shridi Sai

Song Name: Nee Padam Punyapadam                            Music Director: Hamsalekha
Singer: SPB                                                                      Movie Name: Manjunadha

Song Name: Andari bandhuvaya                        Music Director: Vandematram Srinivas
Singer: SPB                                                          Movie Name: Devullu
Lyrics: Jonnavittula
Song Name: Devulle Mechindi                                 Music Director: Ilayaraja
Singer: Shreya Goshal and Chitra                          Movie Name: Sri Rama Rajyam

Song Name: Jagadanandakaraka                                  Music Director: Ilayaraja
Singer: SPB, Shreya Goshal                                          Movie Name: Sri Rama Rajyam

Song Name: Dandalu Dandalu Ammorutalli               Music Director: Sri Kommineni
Singer:  –                                                                   Movie Name: Ammoru
Song Name: Maladharanam                         Music Director: KV Mahadevan
Singer: SPB                                                 Movie Name: Ayyappa Swamy Mahathyam

Song Name: Hariharasanam                                        Music Director: –            Singer: Yesudas
Movie Name: Private Album

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